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I am currently a co-founder of Allvision – where we are capturing today for a better tomorrow. More on this soon, we are just kicking off operations, hiring our team, and raising a small seed round.

When Facebook acquired Source3, a previous company I had co-founded, in late summer 2017, this gave me the opportunity to think about what I wanted to do next in my career. I left Xometry to co-found Allvision (although I am incredibly long on Xometry’s approach to manufacturing as a service and their approach to manufacturing generally).

Prior to Source3, I was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Geomagic, a specialist supplier of 3D reconstruction and interaction software and hardware solutions – which was acquired by 3D Systems in 2013.

I joined Geomagic from Bentley Systems, where I had spent more than a decade. Bentley is a leading provider of solutions to the architecture, engineering, construction, operations and GIS industries.

I am on the Board of Advisors for Mixed Dimensions, and I was on the Board of Advisors for Paracosm (www.paracosm.io) whose mission is to “3D-ify the World” prior to their acquisition by Occipital.

When I’m not supporting my two sons various sporting activities, or writing on topics of interest in the areas of 3D printing, digital reality capture, intellectual property, AEC/GIS or unmanned aerial systems at www.3dsolver.com, you might find me snowboarding, crashing a quadcopter, or conducting some interesting science experiments.

You can find my Linkedin profile here if interested.

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